Sundance Special Jury Prize for Cinematic Bravery, 2014


Barney Broomfield is a Sundance award-winning and Oscar-Shortlisted filmmaker and cinematographer. As a graduate of the London School of Economics, Barney’s career began with National Geographic in the UK which funded his first documentary film after university, “Welcome to the Real World,” a 12,000 mile motorbike journey from Kolkata, India to London, England undergone to raise money for an orphanage in India. Since then Broomfield has traveled extensively around the globe directing and shooting films for the industry’s top broadcasters including HBO, CNN, BBC, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, MTV, Sundance, Channel Four (UK), ITV, SKY, and PBS.

Fortunate to have traveled widely, Barney has also been able to use still photography to document ways of life in many parts of the world. His photography has appeared in various major publications including the Los Angeles Times, Sunday Times (UK), Harpers Bizarre and Variety. Broomfield’s last film which he shot and directed, “Albino United,” was a critically acclaimed and award-winning documentary filmed in Tanzania, East Africa. A Channel Four and National Geographic co-production, “Albino United” is a moving story about an Albino football team confronting the prejudices and mythic beliefs that have led to many gruesome albino murders in that part of the world. As a Time Out Critics choice, the film aired on National Geographic across Europe and America and won awards on the film festival circuit.

Most recently, Broomfield paired up with Oscar nominated director Hubert Sauper (“Darwin’s Nightmare”) to co-direct, shoot and edit the chilling and dystopian theatrical feature doc, “We Come as Friends” about the world’s newest country, South Sudan. Broomfield and Sauper constructed a home-made ultralight aircraft (dubbed Sputnik) and piloted the vessel from France to South Sudan. The film has secured major theatrical and broadcast distribution. As of 2014, Broomfield and Sauper were awarded the Special Jury Prize at Sundance for Cinematic Bravery and the Peace Prize at the Berlinale.