Far From Gone


"Best friends, Stephen and Boniface, are two Congolese refugees who have escaped their war-ravaged country with their lives. Barely, Escaping to Meheba Refugee Settlement, Zambia, the two must face new challenges, not least of which is trying not to fall in love. Life in the camp is supposed to make life better for refugees and to deliver self-determination. The reality is far from inspiring, as their lives splinter and converge and Stephen is offered a chance to resettle in Europe, while Boniface must watch as the departure draws near." -- Variety

"It's not often that such intelligent and warm characters are found in a war zone, but Barney Broomfield displays a storytelling acumen that goes beyond his years by letting the footage speak for itself and by a uniquely humanist angle on conflict that has been all but forgotten." -- Sheffield Doc Fest

  • Director: Barney Broomfield
  • Producer: Nicholas Talarico, Kjerstin Erickson, Barney Broomfield
  • Cinematographer: Barney Broomfield
  • Editor: Mary Lampson, Barney Broomfield