Albino united


Teams on away games often face a hostile home crowd, but none so blood-chilling as those braved by Albino United, a Tanzanian football team whose members all have the condition that affects skin pigmentation.  In recent years, many albinos have been killed or maimed so that their body parts can be used by witchdoctors in potions and remedies. As World Cup fever sweeps Africa, Albino United head from Dar es Salaam to tour dangerous territories around Tanzania.  They hope to convince the crowds that attitudes towards albinism must change.  

"Impeccably researched, sensitively handled and engagingly peopled...Albino United is much more than your standard tale of triumph over adversity." -- TimeOut Critic's Choice
"This shocking and moving documentary allows the camera to do the talking. The story is powerful enough." --The Mail
  • Director: Barney Broomfield, Marc Hoeferlin, Juan Reina
  • Producer: Marc Hoeferlin, Juan Reina
  • Cinematographer: Barney Broomfield
  • Editor: Ash Jenkins
  • Music: Salif Keita
  • Commissioning Editor C4: Hamish Mykura
  • Exec. Producer Nat Geo: Jonathan Halperi